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This Luminous Steampunk Pocket Watch is a MUST-HAVE! Designed with premium high-quality stainless steel with mechanical hand-winding movement. This Luminous Steampunk Pocket Watch is a one-of-a-kind beautifully crafted antique-styled steampunk pocket watch that glows in the dark with scratch-resistant glass on the watch face and back of the watch.

  • Specially decorated steampunk style with beautifully embossed engravings on the front and back
  • Sophisticated styling makes this pocket watch perfect for any occasion
  • It has a beautiful numbers display making it easier for you to read the time, day or night
  •  Scratch-resistant glass dial that allows you to see the exquisite inner workings of the watch

These Luminous Steampunk Pocket Watch also makes a GREAT Gift! No more waiting! Buy NOW!


Color: Black/Bronze

Material: Stainless Steel

Movement: Mechanical Hand-winding

Dial Display: Analog

Diameter: 1.9 in / 4.8 cm (Approx.)

Thickness: 0.6 in / 1.5 cm (Approx.)

Chain Length: 31.5 in / 80 cm (Approx.)

Package Includes:

1 Pocket Watch
1 Chain

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